Active rh Myostatin (GDF8) – RF0025

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  • Description: Active human Myostatin (GDF8)
  • Application: BIOASSAY, SDS-PAGE, WB
  • Alternative Names: GDF8, MSTN
  • UniProtKB: O14793
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Molecular weight: Recombinant human Myostatin is a  homodimer polypeptide chain containing 2X 109  amino acids (267 – 375 of  O14793 Growth/differentiation factor 8) and 6 aa Histidine-based tag. It as a predicted molecular mass of 24.8 kDa (13.4 kDa under reducing conditions in SDSPAGE).

Description: Myostatin (GDF8, MSTN) belongs to the transforming growth factor β (TGFBs)  superfamily, which includes : TGF βs,   the bone morphogenetic protein (BMPs), growth differentiation factors (GDFs), activins and inhibins. As other members of this superfamily , is  synthesized and secreted as a homodimeric prepropeptide that   is cleaved by proprotein convertases such as furin to generate the dimeric N- terminal propeptide and the dimeric C-terminal mature active protein.
Myostatin is one of the most important protein that controls myoblast proliferation  and it is a potent negative regulator of skeletal muscle mass in a number of animal species.  Several  studies have shown that Myostatin could play an important role in cardiac development and physiology.
Genetic deletion of Myostatin or in vivo administration of the Myostatin propeptide induces muscle hypertrophy as well as enhanced glucose utilization and insulin sensitivity and a reduction in overall fat mass.

Figure 1. SDS-PAGE analysis of recombinant Myostatin. Samples were loaded in 15% SDS-polyacrylamide gel and stained with Coomassie blue. Lane MWM: Molecular weight marker (kDa); lane 1-3 contain 2.5, 1.25 and 0.25 ug of rhuman Myostatin.


Biological Activity: Measured by its ability to inhibit mouse plasmacytoma cell line (MPC-11) cells proliferation. EC50 30-40ng /mL are required to stimulate a half-maximal response at cytokine saturation. Note: Since applications vary, each investigator should titrate the reagent to obtain optimal results.

 Human recombinant protein expressed in Nicotiana benthamiana.

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